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High quality castor oil and stable supply of castor oil derivatives

Castor oil division covers tasks of purchasing castor oil mainly from India, refining through deodorization process and manufacturing castor oil derivatives. Our castor oil is used for so many familiar things such as medicine, cosmetics, toiletry, lubricant, grease, metal cutting oil, fiber finishing oil and paint.

Refined Castor Oil

We can offer castor oil of industrial grade, refined grade, refined and deodorized grade. Because of hydroxyl value, double bond and ester bond, castor oil is excellent at stability, water resistance and electrical insulation and used as a material for plastic, gum and building materials.


Castor Oil Derivatives

Castor oil derivatives are materials having characteristic structures synthesized through chemical reactions with castor oil. The product lineups are “Hydrogenated Castor Oil” used for cosmetics, grease, shoe cream, polish, crayon and medicine, “12 Hydroxystearic Acid” for cosmetics, high performance grease and coagulant for cooking oil, “sebacic acid” for 6.10 Nylon, Polyester and antirust agent, “Dehydrated Castor Oil” and “Castor Oil Fatty Acid”



We create functional products for various applications.

At chemical division we manufacture functional products with castor oil. To meet various requirements from customers, we own abundant capacity of reactors and storehouses to manufacture from liquid to powder types. The main applications are raw materials for polyurethane resins and metal cutting oil and additives for paint, ink and sealant. From the point of view of global environment, demands of castor oil-based products are increased by more and more customers.

Polyurethane Polyol
【URIC Series】

URIC series are polyurethane polyol made with hydroxyl value in castor oil. This castor oil-based polyols are excellent at safety, water resistance, hydrolysis resistance, heat resistance, electric insulation and strength and can replace epoxy resin. The suitable applications are adhesive, paint, floor paint and electrical insulation material. We also have grades on URIC series which are great at impact resistance, chemical resistance for specific applications.

Polyurethane Polyol【URIC Series】

Material for Synthetic Lubricant / Metal Cutting Oil

As a material for lubricant and cutting oil, MINERASOL has 2 series which are castor oil-based condensed hydroxy stearic acid, RC series and castor oil-based fatty acid ester, LB series. Not only lubricity but also solubility, biodegradability and cold fluidity are equipped. MINERASOL is used as various materials such as water based cutting oil, biodegradable hydraulic oil, lubricant additive for engine oil and fiber finishing oil.

Material for Synthetic Lubricant / Metal Cutting Oil【MINERASOL Series】

Paint・Ink・Sealant Additive
【A-S-A Series】

Paints are required to have different functions depending on where to apply. The castor oil-based paint additives, A-S-A series solve tasks such as anti-sagging, slick addition, caking prevention, viscosity improvement, defoaming and brightness improvement. A-S-A assorts paste, powder and water-based type.

Paint・Ink・Sealant Additive【A-S-A Series】


With cold fluidity and biodegradability of castor oil, fatty acid ester derived from castor oil attracts attention as a material to solve issues of environment. It is used as synthetic wax used for solder or mold release agent, disperser for inks and cosmetics.