The solution company to make life and future with castor oil

Itoh oil chemicals is acquainted with castor oil for more than a century and met requirements from customers as a solution company. We are the top brand of castor oil to supply to not only Japan but also China, Korea, South East Asia and Europe.


Research and development leading to solutions.

Our R&D gives the best possible solutions for the customers’ needs. We find the most efficient and effective way to find an answer to a problem. To promote the castor oil industry, we also fund to institutes and universities which research castor oil.



High Quality fulfilled by techniques

Since we have worked on castor oil for over a century now, we use the best techniques to create high functional products. The fields where our products serve for are not only industrial, construction and civil engineering purposes but also the ones which require safety such as medicine and cosmetics. We also regularly visit India where castor plants are grown in order to offer our expertise to oil millers and improve quality.

High Quality


One of the largest castor oil plant in Japan

To meet various requirements from customers, we own abundant production capacity and large storehouses. Having one of the biggest castor oil plants in Japan, we also manufacture powder and solid products. We can rapidly supply any size of lots of the castor oil products as per the customers’ needs.

Plant Facilities


Contribution to global environment with the natural resource

The renewable natural resource, castor oil absorbs CO2 as it grows. Because it also has higher biodegradability than petrochemical products, they return to the nature with less burdens on the environment. Our products which can replace petrochemical ones are environmental-friendly and have tremendous potential to expand in wide range of applications.

Global Environment

As the leading company in castor oil industry, Itoh Oil Chemicals strives for sustainable future and keep searching for potential of castor oil.